Tuesday, December 29, 2009

king cobra the world dangerous snakes

information king cobra
1. cobra: A venomous snake, family elapidae. You can learn a whole lot more about this cobra here, 'cuz that's the cobras I've got on this site!

. Shelby Cobra: A really kewl car. Wish I had one. Click on the pretty car to learn more about them, then e-mail me to make arrangements to drop yours off at my house for awhile. ;) OhmagawdIwantone
3. C.O.B.R.A: The insurance thingie. Readin' about this cobra is as exciting as cleaning your soap dishes, unless of course you're an H.R. or insurance kinda person.

4. COBRA Manager: Software to make some sense of that insurance thingie above. Look out Quake, this one's action packed!

5. COBRA/SAMBA: COsmic Background Radiation Anisotropy Satellite/SAtellite to Measure Background Anisotropies. I still have no idea what this means, and I spent an hour on their site reading about it. Just a wee bit technical. Have a ball with this one!

6. COBRA: Interuniversity Research Institute on Communication Technology (Wouldn't that be IRICT?) in The Netherlands. Trying to prounounce the Board's names is worth a chuckle or two, unless your Dutch. Interesting projects underway there if you're a net-techie.

7. cobra golf: Awesome golf clubs. Absolutly incredible web site... these guys know how graphics and design are supposed to work! Check it out... after you're done here, of course.

8. LORAL Cobras: A softball team in Fairfax, Virginia. I just had to throw this one in (pun intended).

9. Cobra Electronics: Gizmos, gadgets, and other neato stuff. I happen to have one of their CB's. I would have one of their radar detectors, but they're illegal in Virginia. :(

10. The cobra position is one of the 12 basic Asanas (postures) as taught by Swami Vishnu-devananda, founder/Guru of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers. Don't try this at home kids
king cobra
king cobra black
king cobra
king cobra
king cobra


  1. the one picture showing a hood with spots or spectacles is clearly not a king cobra, but an Indian cobra.



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